Real Estate U has compiled the Top 10 home buyer types that every real estate agent should avoid if they want to keep their sanity and close deals!

1. The Looky Loo:

This buyer is very unlikely to buy a home any time soon but loves LOOKING at houses  — either to get interior design ideas or to see how the other homes compare to theirs.  They go to open houses on Sundays to either check out their neighbor’s home or because it’s a fun post-brunch activity.  They tell their agent that if they find a home they love they will put their home on the market and move so the agent sticks around way longer than they should.

2. The Expert:

This buyer knows everything and is eager to share his or her knowledge with their agent, and, anyone else who will listen. They have researched every detail about every property before even seeing it and when their agent tells them something, they never believe them. Down deep, they think that most agents don’t know what they are doing and yet this type of buyer won’t get his or her real estate license because secretly they are afraid they won’t be able to pass the exam.

3. The Haggler:

This buyer lives for getting deals.  They don’t believe there is such a thing as an insulting offer and bargain shopping is their favorite sport.  They never succeed with their low-ball offer strategy but that doesn’t take away the rush.  Also, this buyer regularly asks their agent to chip in part of their commission for their closing costs or to make a deal happen because they believe real estate agents make way too much money.

4. The Two-Timer:

This is a very serious buyer who seems friendly and appreciative and finds a home with their agent that they love.  Just as they are about to put in an offer, they inform the agent that their sister is a broker at another company and now that she’s back from vacation, they will be going through her to purchase the house but they REALLY appreciate your help.

5.  The Dreamer:

This buyer calls in on a listing, is pre-approved from an unknown mortgage broker for a certain amount, and the agent shows the buyer 20 properties.  After meeting with a 2nd mortgage broker who the agent recommends, buyer finds out that instead of qualifying for a home in the $600’s, they only qualify for a home in the 300’s.  Agent now shows them 10 homes in the new range, the buyer hates them all because they are all small and old, and decides they will just rent for another year or so to save up more money.

6.  The Waffler:

This buyer can’t make up his or her mind.  Agent finds them exactly what they say they want but they still can’t pull the trigger and put in an offer.  They ask the agent to ask the seller 10 different questions and after getting the answers, say they still need time to think before they make a decision.  They also can’t sign any contracts when mercury is in retrograde and any good agent would know that.

7.  The Pied Piper:

This buyer is very excited to move into their new home.  After the binder is signed they have to show it to 12 of their relatives and 9 of their friends on 5 different days.  They also need access to the house before the closing on multiple occasions to measure rooms, get painting estimates, take more photos, let their kids choose bedrooms, and see the basement “one more time.”

8. The Worry Wart:

This buyer has read every book on environmental hazards and so everything the inspector mentions makes them want to back out of the deal.  When their agent doesn’t return their call within 5 minutes, they take that as a sign that the deal has gone south.  They want a new radon mitigation system put in because they are worried the current one may not work as well as it should. The morning of the closing they say they have a bad feeling about buying the house and if ONE THING goes wrong they are going to walk.

9. The Nit Picker:

This buyer has never been in a house that they couldn’t criticize.  They complain about the slightly askew tile in the shower, the light fixtures, the color of the carpet, and anything else they notice because the home they currently live in is, apparently, perfect.  At the walk through, they want credits for dust on the windowsills, for the 2 cans of paint left in the basement, and seethe because the seller didn’t prune the hedges before they moved out.

10. The Needy Nellie:

This buyer requires constant attention.  If they aren’t calling their agent and leaving long voicemail messages, then they are texting or sending emails to their agent all day and night long.  They ask the same questions over and over again and when the agent takes a day off for a colonoscopy or to chaperone their daughter’s field trip, they act as if they’ve been abandoned and start thinking about using another agent who has more time for them.  They also expect their agent to be at the closing with them and take their calls months after the closing to discuss the water in the basement.