Real Estate University offers the highest rated and most entertaining real estate classes in Connecticut!

Our real estate classes are held in person and live-stream through Zoom !


A 60 hour Principles & Practices course provides students with the knowledge needed to pass the Connecticut real estate licensing exam with ease!


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Other Licensing Courses

These courses provide broker candidates with all the educational requirements needed for applying for a Connecticut broker license.

Appraisal, Inspection and Mortgage Origination courses coming in May 2024


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Continuing Ed

Mandatory & elective real estate courses to help you stay current & fulfill continuing education requirements in Connecticut.


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Getting Your Real Estate license is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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2. Complete the 60 hr Salesperson Course and Pass Exam

3. Sign up with a local Broker and get started making money!

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Learning to Invest in Real Estate is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Broker Mandatory Courses

15 HR Broker Mandatory – P&P

Upcoming Cohort: Please call for dates

15 HR Broker Mandatory – Legal Compliance

Upcoming Cohort: Please call for dates

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    See What Our Students Are Saying

    Anna Gill
    Anna Gill
    Amazing school! Amanda (I can't say enough about her, SHE IS AMAZING!) and Julie also they are both hands down the best teachers!! insanely helpful with being specific about what you need to know to be a great agent and pass your test. I never review anything but my experience at this school has been phenomenal. Jill has also been there every step of the way! I could not be more satisfied!!! I have taken classes at other schools and I am 100% that this is the best one!!!
    Ruben Aguilera
    Ruben Aguilera
    Great School! Look no further! The program and schedule really makes it easy to attend the classes you need. If you find yourself in need of further clarification on a particular subject, you can always attend the class again on the same day! different instructors will point out different information making sure they cover everything! they will give you plenty of real life examples to remember that you can recall during the test as well! Julie Avellino is a great instructor! so is John Schiaroli! Rose is great too! and George did a great job on the math chapter! The test is great practice as well. That being said, the PSI testing is tough. It seems like there are always two right answers on every question. The class is no guarantee you will pass, but in my opinion is possibly the best preparation for that unpredictable test! it's as good as it gets. Also after I finished the class at Real Estate University I proceeded to move to the next step and send my credentials to PSI (different company) and PSI seemed to take forever to send my credentials; I ended up calling them about it and they scheduled my test over the phone. Make sure you call PSI if you don't receive your credentials! take the test while the classes are still fresh!
    Rose Knows (Rose Knows)
    Rose Knows (Rose Knows)
    Julie Avellino is -- hands down -- the best real estate instructor. I speak from experience! Julie provides real-world insight to each chapter she reviews, and uses interactive games, such as Kahoot, to challenge her students at the end of each class. Julie encourages open discussions and is honest about what to expect as an agent during your first few months. To speak to the effectiveness of her teaching, I passed my general exam portion on the first try, and I missed the state by 1 question, but passed it on the second try. Her teaching is effective, informative and applicable to the real world!
    Brian Bates
    Brian Bates
    The classes were interesting and engaging. The teachers had industry insights and experiences that will stick with me well beyond the classroom portion of my journey. I am very happy I went with REU and highly recommend it. Thanks!
    Ahmed Elkalyouby
    Ahmed Elkalyouby
    I highly recommended everyone to take a real estate course with Real Estate University.
    Katina P
    Katina P
    REU is a highly recommended school from prior students and real estate firms. Majority of their business is from referrals and how I actually choose them. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes which motivated me due to how the instructors taught the class and presented the material. In addition, I enjoyed that the course (diff classes) is taught by by diff instructors. Some instructors only teach classes they are passionate about and enjoy the topic and that makes for a great class and learning experience. In addition, the course is very flexible, you can choose the days and times you want to attend and if you need a wk off bc going away, you just make up those classes missed when they roll back around again. Best money/investment I spent on myself.
    Christine McGovern
    Christine McGovern
    I highly recommend Real Estate University for all real estate licensing needs. The coursework and instruction time is thorough and the instructors keep the material interesting and relevant. I found the connections I made through Real Estate University to be an invaluable asset as I began my career in Real Estate. I am looking forward to going back and reconnecting while fulfilling my continuing education requirements!

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