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1) All Students must have the camera on their device turned on during the entire class so that the instructor can see the student’s face. This is a regulation set forth by the DCP so we must strictly adhere to this rule without exception.

2) Students should log into Zoom 10 minutes prior to the class start time and have their government-issued photo ID prepared to show the instructor or REU staff.

3) For all students who do not need credit for the class but would like to refresh, please use the dial-in feature offered in effort to save bandwidth, connectivity and visibility to the instructor for those who are required to use the camera features for course credit.

4) Students are not allowed to record and/or post the live-streaming class nor allow anyone else to record on their behalf.

5) Students are not allowed to share log in credentials with anybody else, even if the other person is also enrolled in classes with Real Estate University.

6) Students are not allowed to join the live-streaming class late or leave it early. If so, they will not be given credit for the class. Students should be prepared and logged in at least 5 minutes early so they are ready to begin the class at the designated time.

7) Students must be stationary during the class and paying attention to the instructor. For instance, you can’t be walking, driving, etc. during the class.

8) During the class, students should be in a quiet, private section of the home or office, away from background noise and distractions.

9) When logging in, you must use your full name to be given credit. Do not use nicknames or abbreviations. This is important so that every student who is logged on gets credit for attending.

10) Students must have audio muted unless called on by the instructor to speak or using the hand-raise function on the meeting to avoid background noise which is distracting to other students.

11) When asking a question, students should either type in their question or raise their hand so the instructor can call on you. Please do not interrupt the instructor.

12) Please be patient with us in the unfortunate event that we experience technical difficulties. We are trying our very best to provide a great live-streaming class for you but sometimes things are out of our control. Our settings allow for students to join the meetings prior to the instructor, however the online meeting platforms have increased security measures and if you are attempting to log in and it shows the meeting has not yet begun, please be assured we are working to remedy the issue as quickly as possible.

13) Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are online real estate classes allowed in Connecticut?
As of March 2020, the Department of Consumer Protection and Real Estate Commission will now allow instructor-led LIVE STREAMING classes for those wishing to take the real estate pre-licensing course. It must be taken as part of a live classroom and, therefore, is not an on-demand course.
How do I register for your virtual real estate courses?
You can register for the class through our website, in person during the office hours or over the phone at 203-434-5533.
How soon can I start my live-streaming real estate course after registering?
You can start any Monday, Tuesday or Thursday as long as you have registered a minimum of two hours ahead of the course start time.
How do I access the virtual real estate classes?
Once you have registered, a Real Estate University staff member will text and email log-in instructions to you.
Do you have a live-streaming option for all of your real estate courses?
Yes! Effective March 20, 2020, the DCP will allow all of Real Estate University’s classes, including broker pre-licensing and CE, to be able to be taken through live-streaming! For those who feel comfortable, they can also attend the class live at our Norwalk location but the seating is limited to 5 students.
Is there an instructor teaching the virtual classes?
Yes! You will be virtually attending a class with the same amazing Real Estate University instructors that you are used to (Chuck, Kim-Marie, Karena, Amanda and others).
If I have any questions during the class, will I be able to ask them?
Absolutely! You will be able to fully participate in the class by asking questions and interacting with the other students and the instructor.
Can I take some of the modules in the classroom and others through live-streaming?
Absolutely! Many students prefer the classroom environment so we will now offer both options. You can choose to attend live classes in either Stamford or Norwalk locations, or live-stream the classes being held in Norwalk.
What if I can’t start the virtual class on time or I have to log off early?
Unfortunately no. Students will not be given credit for attending a class if they log in to our live-stream modules past the start time or if they log out of the class early. No credit will be given for partial attendance so students should make sure they are available and logged in during the entire class time.
Will there be an exam at the end of the course? Where is the exam given?
Yes. You will have to take the class exam in person at either the Norwalk or Stamford location.
Will Real Estate University offer virtual real estate classes in other states other than Connecticut?
Great question! Yes! We plan to offer live-streaming classes in New York and Rhode Island by late Spring 2020. Keep checking our website for updates.


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